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The Capital Observer service combines in depth macro analysis to identify factors and themes affecting asset prices. This macro analysis is based on a continuously updated diffusion approach of the business cycle which identifies sequences in the economic and monetary dynamics and their likely impact on asset prices. In order to improve the outcome probability, this macro economic and flow analysis is combined with MJT's models and methodology, which for almost 50 years have focused on providing unique and prospective analysis into trend analysis, market timing and the calculation of potential price targets.

Service proposal

In each issue, The Capital Observer will aim to develop timely strategic and tactical analysis of investment thematics from which it will derive a general scenario framework as well as more specific, actionable investment ideas. The newsletter will first focus on outlining a prospective cross assets scenario. This process is top-down and based off macro-economic fundamental analysis, supported by long term trend analysis (bi-monthly and weekly graphs). Following from this strategic roadmap, the process then focuses on a bottom-up approach across markets, geographical regions and sectors to fine tune a medium to shorter term asset rotation plan. This tactical analysis is based on Daily and Hourly trend analysis graphs supported by sequential liquidity flow and macro models as well as classical market correlation analytics.

In practice, subscription to The Capital Observer includes the following services:

  • A monthly newsletter featuring a central asset scenario with core themes related to our medium to long term cross assets analysis, as well as specific actionable investment ideas (shorter term time horizon, specific focus on different sectors, geographical themes or market segments).

  • One access to the Decider platform, updated live 24/7, featuring an instrument coverage matching the general content of the newsletter (circa 1'000 instruments across Market & Sector indexes, Commodities, Bond indexes and interest rates, FOREX and ETFs related to these asset classes) on Investment horizons ranging from long term to intraweek (access to single stocks or intraday access can be purchased upon request).

  • Additional functionalities on the Decider platform include a portfolio simulation tool to combine different instruments into an index and analyse its profile, the possibility to compare any instruments or portfolio vs any other one or view any instrument or portfolio in other base currencies, filter functionalities to seek out interesting set-ups, as well as mosaic representations to view many “mini” graphs of different assets at once on one screen. These in depth simulation and representation tools offer a unique competitive advantage in terms of market timing, asset and sector rotation, portfolio construction and benchmarking optimization.

  • Following each publication, a screen-sharing webinar will be organised by MJT to familiarise users with the Decider system (methodology and functionalities) and review the themes featured in the previous newsletter issue.

  • In addition, both The Capital Observer and its teams could offer bespoke advisory services adapted to specific client prerogatives.

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