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24 / The US Dollar will be boosted by capital inflows in 2018 and should rise again – that could push the economy, markets over the tipping point

04 / Executive Summary

06 / Mapping the markets

32 / Medium-term prospects for Gold, Silver and Gold Miner Equities : Q1 should not
be supportive for the precious metal sector

27 / Timing and Tactical Insight 

The US Dollar could bounce in Q1, re-test down in Q2 and then accelerate up in H2 2018

11/ Timing and Tactical Insight

Since September, Inflation and Growth expectations have finally been pulling long term rates up, how long is this trend sustainable?

12 / The Cycle Is Transitioning Towards The Last Stage  - Asset Outlook For H1 2018

35 / Timing and Tactical Insight

Commodities have re-synched in December, yet should diverge again in Q1

43 / These hurdles
should not stop investors
from engaging the equity
markets this year

46 / Splicing the markets - Avoid negative USD
correlations until March

45 / Timing and Tactical Insight

Equity markets have now entered the latest
stages of their uptrend, they should top out
between March and mid year

Heading into 2018, it is important to remember some time-tested principles for successful longterm investing: cash isn’t always king, diversification is essential, harness the power of com pounding and don’t let volatility derail you.

J.P Morgan Market Insights, January 2018

Europe’s financial industry is distracted by the introduction of 7,000 pages of penalising regulatory
restriction, the only certain aspect of whose consequences is that they will be unintended by its authors. It is not entirely coincidental that the equity year has begun with a profit warning from one of the region’s beleaguered investment banks. It is extraordinary that in the year in which the euro zone economies finally emerged from a decade-long stagnation the volumes traded of the area’s largest stocks fell to the lowest level since 2001

Christopher Potts, Head of Economics, Kepler

January 2018-   published on January 10th 2018

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